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Sonic the Hedgehog # 251- Worlds Collide Part 12

By Mark Rodriguez

Wily and Eggman joined forces to create their own pocket dimension and use the Chaos Emeralds to reshape both worlds to their liking. Sonic and Megaman teamed up, fought their way through the Skull Egg Zone and made their way aboard the Wily Egg fortress. After defeating Bass, Treble and Metal Sonic, the heroes were defeated and captured by the Egg Wily Machine X, and are now helpless as the evil scientists prepare to reset history, while their friends are still fighting off an army of Robot Masters. How will this end?

The issue starts with the bad guys bragging about their victory, and even though Sonic and Megaman got past all their defenses, they still lost, and all their friends are busy fighting the Robot Masters, and Duo is also too busy fighting the Chaos Devil to help.

The other heroes are also getting tired and worn out in their fight against the Robot Masters, and plus, they have to tend to an injured Tails as well. Just then, the original Light Robot Masters show up to help. Cut Man, Fire Man, Elec Man, Guts Man, Bomb Man, Ice Man, Time Man and Oil Man all join in on the fight. Knuckles and Protoman decide to help Light get into the fortress to stop whatever the scientists are up to, while the other Robot Masters help out in the fight.

Megaman and Sonic try to warn the scientists that re-shaping reality too many times might just break all of reality. Eggman admits that some damage has been done and they even broke a few rules, which surprised Wily, but he says any damage to the space-time continuum will be fixed once they reshape everything. Megaman and Sonic are both trapped in energy rings inside an energy capsule, both unable to move or break free.

Just then Knuckles and Protoman bust in and start shooting up the place. Light helps Megaman and SOnic escape, but the scientists run to the Machine X. Light doesn't have any E-Tanks for Megaman, but he can regain his power by fusing with Rush (ala Megaman 6). Megaman uses the Super Adapter and fuses with Rush. This gives Sonic an idea.

Eggman and Wily bicker about how to use the Machine X, since it is also powered by the Chaos Emeralds and they need all their power for the Genesis Drive, while Knuckles and Protoman continue to attack them. Wily tries to fry Knuckles with 50 thousand volts of protective shielding... but it's been sabotaged. Eggman also tries to blast Protoman with death lasers but sees his weapons are offline. Eggman and Wily each one realize they sabotaged the other.

Light, Sonic and Megaman find the Genesis Drive, but the Genesis Dynamo is fully charged and ready to go, so removing the emeralds won't stop it at this point. Sonic says they can still use the gems and asks for Megaman to give him a lift.

Wily and Eggman scramble desperately to fix their own sabotage before Knuckles and Protoman can bust them up. Even though they continue to bicker and toss threats, they call a truce for now and manage to fix the machine to over 100%. Now fully powered they're ready to start the Genesis Wave... just as Megaman and Sonic are about to reach out and touch the Chaos Emeralds.

Before the Egg Wily Machine X can blast Kunckles and Protoman to ashes... Sonic and Megaman appear... both in their golden super forms (cause I guess the Chaos Emeralds affect Megaman the same way they do to Sonic, but who cares, it's cool). Protoman, Knuckles and Light get the hell out of the way as Eggman and Wily fire everything they got at the Super Saiyan heroes, but nothing stops them.

Sonic tells Megaman that they're practically invulnerable in this form, and the scientists continue to shoot them desperately. The heroes move in and continue to attack the giant machine as the Genesis Wave starts to activate. Wily and Eggman have no choice but to abandon ship. Super Megaman fires off Super Sonic with the same kind of Sonic Shot he used before to turn the Roboticized Masters back to normal, only this time packing the power of the Chaos Emeralds.The blasts completely destroys the giant Egg Wily Machine X.

With the Genesis Wave already passed, Sonic shows Megaman how they can both use Chaos Control to undo all the damage that has been done. Wily admits his defeat, but Eggman doesn't want to lose this time and flies off at them. Megaman and Sonic focus their Chaos Energy towards their realities, but Eggman smashes into Sonic. Sonic tells Megaman to take the shot and he can handle Eggman himself. Megaman fires the Chaos Control towards his reality and everything starts to return to normal for him. Eggman continues to attack Sonic saying that if he can't the universe his way, he won't have it at all, and the golden hedgehog has no choice but to hastily throw his Chaos Control towards his reality. Eggman open fires upon the blast and it looks like reality is shattered. Eggman is confused at what he's done and Sonic asks what has he done this time as everything fades to white. 

My Opinions-

And so ends this dramatic crossover.... sort of. While Megaman returns to his regular comic adventures, with Protoman being reverted back into the evil Break Man and Wily continuing the Ra Moon storyline... Sonic and Eggman have to deal with the continued devastation of their own universe in their own comic series. Man. That's almost like Turtles Forever ending right in the middle of the Shredder War seconds (that never happened, despite the first episode of Back to the Sewers suggested it would) after the 80's Turtles returned home. Sure, THEY'RE ok... but the 2K3 bunch are left with their hands full. Weird way to end this crossover.

In case you're wondering, the next few Sonic issues deal with a brand new reality that somehow turned Sally back to normal (or maybe it never happened), and only Sonic, Tails and Eggman remember what happened. Sonic hopes Megaman is ok, and Eggman blames Wiley for his failure. Eventually the cast gets their memories back thanks to a machine named Nicole, which devastates Sally to learn all the evil stuff she's done as Mecha Sally, but the cast has to accept their new reality and move on.

I do have to say, it was kinda weird that this crossover would throw in random hints or flashbacks here and there reminding us that when all of this was over, Sonic still had to deal with Mecha Sally once he got back home.... only for her transformation to be either magically undone or flat out retconned into never happening. I guess that's what random crossovers and Ken Penders lawsuits do for storylines, but I do wonder why the crossover was set now and not after the 250 milestone whenever the Mecha Sally arc was done? Like, what threw things off schedule? Did Archie just decide 'I don't care what storylines are going on right now in both comics, you make this crossover happen NOW'.

As far as I know, the Megaman crew doesn't remember any of this and carry on with their next arc involving Ra Moon.

As for this story was as epic as it gets and you can't get much better than Super Sonic AND Super Megaman wreaking havoc on the bad guys. Knuckles and Protoman got to shine quite a bit in this issue, especially Knuckles since he spend the first part of the story as Knuckles Man before he was turned back to normal. Still a few references here and there. The notable one was when Eggman was trying to undo his own sabotage by 'fixing the confusion between the battle and chase commands' which is a sly reference to the Megaman Battle and Chase racing game. And Super Saiyan forms aside, we got to see Megaman fuse with Rush like he does in Megaman 6. Awesome.

There's one odd little detail when the Super Saiyans started smashing up the Machine X, namely these little panel pic of Wily and Eggman freaking out... which are basically re-used several times. It was weird but kinda funny.

So yeah, this crossover was a stroke of genius on both parts, and did a great job meshing well both worlds and it was fun seeing all the characters interact. Camoes and flashbacks aside, it also kept the original Archie characters out of this (Sally, Antoine, Rotor) so newcomers coming to read this based strictly on what they know from the games only, won't be confused by seeing random non-game characters run around as main characters. But wow, you get to see Sonic's friends become Robot Masters, you get to see ALL the Robot Masters from Megaman 1-9, the Wily Wars and the Game Boy games. There's also the funny way Wily and Eggman were so chummy at first, and a decent mix of traps and bad guys based on both games and all the callbacks to it. Stuff like Sonic struggling to get past the infamous vanishing blocks, and a Roboticized Shadow names Shadow Man fighting alongside the classic Robot Master Shadow Man. Things like the red and blue password code and Sonic grabbing rings off of Ring Man. The comic never missed a beat.

Now there is another  12-part crossover that happened years later called Worlds Unite that involves not just classic Sonic and Megaman but also Megaman X and Sonic Boom. I'll see if I can track those issues down. I just wonder if Megaman will remember Sonic this time.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Sonic Universe # 54- Worlds Collide Part 11

By Mark Rodriguez

Eggman and Wily have teamed up, created their own pocket universe called the Skull Egg Zone, roboticized all of Sonic's friends into Robot Masters, and captured Dr. Light in their flying fortress. Sonic and Megaman meet up and team up and head out to stop the evil scientists. With their friends turned back to normal and fighting a never-ending army of Robot Masters, Sonic and Megaman storm into the enemy fortress and run into Bass, Treble and Metal Sonic! What will happen now?

The issue opens with Eggman and Wily hastily working on their Egg-Wily Machine X while bickering. In the previous issue, Eggman tried to kill Dr. Light by throwing him out of the Wily Egg but he was rescued by Shadow. Wily was furious that he tried to kill Light (since he wants to humiliate him and prove that he was better than him, but not outright kill him) and Eggman is angry since he considers this a weakness. Once they finish the Machine X, they both plan to double-cross each other.

Meanwhile, Sonic is busy fighting against Metal Sonic, while Megaman is trying to take on both Bass and Treble. The blue heroes decide they can't be wasting time fighting these guys and Sonic says they should switch partners. Since Metal Sonic and Bass were made to defeat their particular rivals, they figure it won't be so easy to fight someone else. Unfortunately... Bass and Treble are too much for Sonic, and Metal Sonic is too fast for Megaman. They decide they should gang up on one first with Megaman's new weapons and then take out the other. After deciding with rock, paper and scissors, they decide to attack Bass and Treble first.

Sonic dashes in and trips up Treble. As Bass smacks the hedgehog away, Megaman blasts him with the Chaos Cannon he obtained from Shadow. While Bass is trapped in the energy blast, Sonic flies in and hits him with his Sonic Spin dash. Megaman used the Psycho Burst he obtained from Silver to send Treble flying. He then does the same to Treble, and then slams him to the floor, with Sonic smashing into him to finish him off.

Metal Sonic flies into the battle just as Treble is about to attack Megaman. The Blue Bomber uses the Chroma Camo he obtained from Espio to turn transparent, and Metal Sonic and Treble crash into each other. Megaman used the Acoustic Blaster he got from Vector to blast Bass in the face. Sonic then trips up Bass and Megaman smashes him with the Piko Hammer he got from Amy Rose. Megaman blasts Metal Sonic with the Tail Wind he got from Tails, and Sonic knocks him down and 'surfs' on him so Megaman can smash into him with the Sharp Knuckle he got from Knuckles.

Metal Sonic still isn't out though and he flies into Megaman, tackling him. Megaman uses the Rapid Stinger he got from Charmy and Sonic hits his robot double from behind. Sonic and Megaman see that their enemies are finally defeated, and while they're tired and injured, they still get ready to defeat the evil scientists. Just then there a big explosion that destroys one of the walls.

The Egg-Wily Machine X finally appears and the heroes prepare to attack but are quickly taken down. Megaman and Sonic wake up in floating capsules, kept alive so the villains can gloat. The seven Chaos Emeralds are into position and fully charged for the final phase of their plan. The heroes realize that the contest to hunt down and stop the Roboticized Masters was to buy the bad guys time to finish their plans. Megaman asks why they need the Genesis Wave if they have already shaped both their worlds. The scientists say they were only able to change some details here and there, but this time they can completely reshape everything, they'd be gods. Megaman and Sonic watch as the scientists start to activate the device.... meanwhile, Protoman and the gang are still fighting off the army of Robot Masters, and are starting to look tired and injured. How will this all end?

My Opinions-

Pretty good issue and it's basically an all-out battle between Megaman and Sonic with Metal Sonic, Treble and Bass. It was a pretty good fight and the bad guys really showed how powerful they were. The first tactic of  'switch your partner' didn't work, and even when they decided to double-team them one by one, they would still take several hits before they would finally go down. Plus it was a good time to have Megaman show off his new weapons he got from the Roboticized Masters. Kinda made me wish they did make a crossover game.

The only continuity problem I see here is this weird scene where Metal Sonic seems to pulling himself out of a wall as if he crashed into it, or if Sonic or Megaman smashed him into it.... but the very last page we saw him standing triumphantly after sending Megaman flying into a block. There was no cut-away scene to anything else... and it made me check back to see if I didn't miss a page... but no. So yeah, this scene was rather weird and out of place, but I guess it shows what Metal Sonic was doing since he wouldn't just stand and watch as Megaman and Sonic were ganging up on Bass.

Eggman and Wily have gone from being evil bros to now planning on double-crossing each other once their plan was over. It's kind of a shame since while we expect bad guys to betray each other all the time, these two seemed to be really be sincere in their friendship at first. Ah well. We knew the clash of egos would have eventually caused them to become enemies at some point.

We didn't really see any of the others in this one, minus the after-image of the characters Megaman's new weapons were based on, but I figure the old school Robot Masters got more than enough cameos in the last two issues. It's all coming to an epic conclusion.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Megaman # 27- Worlds Collide Part 10

Mark Rodriguez

Wiley and Eggman joined forces and created a pocket universe with mixed elements from both their worlds. Megaman and Sonic ventured forth into the Skull Egg Zone, and even though the mad scientists have captured and roboticized Sonic's friends into Robot Masters, the heroes were able to turn them back to normal. Now with the heroes fighting off an army of Robot Masters from every Megaman game ever, Sonic and Megaman dash ahead to face the scientists themselves and rescue Dr. Light. Eggman catches Dr. Light trying to radio for help and determines he is too dangerous to leave alive..... and he has Metal Sonic toss him out of their flying fortress. What happens now?

The comic opens with Dr. Light falling out of the flying fotress and into the huge crater below. Megaman and Sonic panic and don't know what to do, neither of them being fast enough to do anything (not even Sonic?). Suddenly Shadow appears using Chaos Control to grab Light in mid-air and warp back down to safety.

Protoman tells Megaman that Light is safe and Light wants to speak to him directly. Light tells Megaman to keep up the fight and stop Wily and Eggman before they destroy both worlds. Tails manages to hack into the teleporters and the heroes warp aboard the Wily Egg. Light makes his own arm cannon from some of the broken robot parts lying around and helps in the fight.

Eggman returns to check on the battle and Wily is angry that he actually tried to kill Light. Eggman figured he's be happy to see his hated dealt with, but Wily says 'not like that'. He wishes to see him humbled and defeated, but not dead.

Meanwhile back in Megaman's world, Roll and Auto stabilize the portal to the Skull Egg Zone and Duo jumps through it.

Bass tells the Docs that Megaman and Sonic are aboard their floating fortress. Wily and Eggman send 'the Megaman killers' after them. Wily and Eggman conspire against each other, once they finish the Egg-Wily Machine X, they will finish each other off.

Megaman and Sonic race across all the traps and things, comparing them to the Death Egg and the Wily's castles. They say once they meet the robot guards they'll determine which bad guy the fortress is most modeled after. They find 'the bosses' which are Ballad, Enker and Punk, the Megaman Killers. Megaman and Sonic jump into the fight, but as Sonic smashes into Ballad, one of his bombs blows up right into Tails' face. Tails is in bad shape, and Megaman has Rush take him back to the others.

Duo arrives and finds Light and the others fighting off the Robot Masters. Light says he is most needed aboard the Wily Egg. Duo senses a strong force of evil coming from that ship. Aboard the ship, Sonic and Megaman run into the Chaos Devil, a deadly fusion of the Yellow Devil and Chaos. Megaman tells Sonic to go for the eye, which is Yellow Devil's weakness, but the giant monster sends Sonic flying through several floors of the fortress and then tries to drown him.

Duo appears and attacks the Chaos Devil, allowing Megaman and Sonic to advance. He also give them some of his energy so they continue the fight. As they make their way to the end, the see a 'boss door' with a Eggman/Wily symbol on it... and see Bass, Treble and Metal Sonic, ready to take them down. Now the boss fight has really begun!

My Opinions-

There's not much to say in this issue, except it's full of action. The intensity really hits the first few pages with Light in free-fall and noone being able to do anything to stop it. For a kids comic, the panels of Megaman begging anyone, ANYONE, to save Dr. Light... basically in tears as he's witnessing his father fall to his apparent death... wow. Just wow. Though despite Sonic panicking at seeing someone die and not being able to do anything to stop it.... can't he zip over and around the crater and catch him? He's SONIC after all.

Then we have Wily actually getting pissed that Eggman would try to kill Dr. Light, and not because he wants to kill him personally, but because apart of humiliating him and one day finally showing that Light was wrong and Wily was wrong... he doesn't actually want to kill the guy. That's an interesting thing to consider with Dr. Wily. While he does want to destroy Megaman, he just sees him as a robot, and I assume Wily does want to rule the world with robots.... but he doesn't want to kill people.

Eggman on the other hand has shown that despite this being a kids book, has no problems being a cold blooded murderer. And yes, despite Sonic and his pals being cartoony looking animals, they're still actual living beings, and Eggman is trying his best to kill them. It's something we kinda handwave issue after issue since Sonic effortlessly destroys all his killer robots... but this scene did spark a big difference between the lengths these two madmen go through to achieve their goals. And I don't know, even though he's obviously a bad guy, one doesn't usually associate the word murderer with Dr. Eggman.

The rest of the comic is action and stuff, more of Megaman and Sonic comparing the differences and similarities of their games and such. There are references to past adventures that you'd also have to read in the comic series, or in the games. I found out the Megaman Killers were from the Game Boy Megaman games, which while slightly based on the NES games, were still full of different storylines and had original characters.

There are funny little details like Rouge trying to steal the big jewel off of Jewel Man's head, Tails using his own Sonic Spin Dash, which I don't believe we see him do too often in the comics, and Light becoming Mr. Action hero with his own arm cannon and Protoman's helmet. We don't see much of the Robot Masters other than random panel cameos as the fight rages on, since last issue was more of the big deal that started this, but we did see Rogue and Protoman have some trouble with Gemini Man and his clones. It's a very entertaining story and it's getting close to the end. We'll see what happens next...

They really did not miss a beat with these sight gags

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Sonic The Hedgehog # 250- Worlds Collide Part 9

By Mark Rodriguez

Megaman and Sonic venture through the Skull Egg Zone, a pocket universe that's a bizzare mixture from both their games created by Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily. After having rescued Sonic's roboticized friends, the gang gathers together and start heading towards the villains' hideout. Eggman and Wily already have Dr. Light, but now they also captured Rouge and plan to roboticize her and have her lead and army of recycled Robot Masters after our heroes. What will happen?

I see this was drawn in the Megaman Powered Up art style
This issues wastes no time as the band of heroes arrive outside Eggman and Wily's base and see the entire Robot Master line-up from Megaman 1-9, being led by Rouge Woman. As you expect all hell breaks loose. Sonic tells the gang they have to get to the teleporter, but Vector reminds them they couldn't crack the code.

As they fight Sonic asks how many Robot Masters has Megaman faced before, and he says it feels like hundreds. Sonic says they must have been time cloned since he feels he has fought some of them before. Megaman is worried about Dr. Light, but Sonic says they'll rescue him soon.

Sonic celebrates his 250th issue by fighting every Robot Master ever. Lucky for them, this was before Megaman 10 and 11 were made.
Elsewhere, Wily and Eggman are betting wether or not Motobug or Met will destroy Dr. Light first.... but the two robot just crash into each other. The two robots start to fight each other and Light walks off and faces Eggman and Wily. He tells them they can still stop now before it's too late since using the Genesis Wave to rewrite all of reality is too much, even for them. Eggman is surprised he figured out their endgame, and Wily boasts that he has surpassed Light with his genius. Light mentions Ra Moon and Wily loses his composure.

Light reminds him that he has dealt with things beyond his control like Ra Moon and Gamma, and has had Megaman come to save him from himself. He tells Eggman that he isn't much different, losing control of Chaos and the Time Eater and having Sonic save the world. Wily has heard enough and storms off, while Eggman gives Light an evil smile. Light wishes he knew Mega and Proto were alright, and looks at the destroyed remains of the Motobug and Met.

The heroes continue to battle the army of Robot Masters, with Megaman saying it was a lot easier when he used to fight them one on one. Blaze is surrounded by all the fire themed Robot Masters, including Fire Man, Heat Man, Pharaoh Man and Flame Man, and uses her own fire powers to fry them all. Espio and Shadow Man bow respectively and then fight it out among ninjas, while Vector fights against Snake Man. Silver uses his psychic powers to sends the robots flying, but then gets frozen by Flash Man and his Time Stopper. Knuckles faces off against Stone Man and Concrete Man.

Shadow tries to get to Rogue Woman, but is blasted by Shade Man. Amy Rose is surrounded by the water themed Robot Masters like Splash Woman and Pump Man, but she gets lifted off to safety by Tails. Tails and Rose aren't safe in the air as they have to deal with the air-themed Robot Masters like Tornado Man and Gyro Man. Wily really did make a Robot Master for everything.

Sonic gets chased by some of the faster Robot Masters, like Quick Man and Turbo Man and easily trips them up. Megaman sees Rogue Woman and Sonic leaps to grab her feet. Megaman blasts her and turns her back to normal, gaining the Black Wave weapon.

Sonic does what he does best, and basically zips all over the place, taking down every Robot Master he can, while taunting Quick Man. Wily watches the show and cheers on his robots. Eggman hears from Orbot that there's a weak transmission coming from the prison deck. Eggman tells Metal Sonic to follow him and assures Wily he will deal with the problem.

Back to the fight, Protoman and Shadow tell Sonic and Megaman that the fight is neverending since the robots keep coming back every time they're defeated. The only way to win is to strike at the doctors. Sonic, Tails, Megaman and Rush head off for Wily's fortress, thinking there will be less enemies to face since most of them are already on the battlefield. They head off and leave the fight to the others.

Light is trying to contact Megaman with a transmitter he made out of the spare robot parts of the destroyed Motobug and Met... but Eggman catches him. He says he figured out how Rouge was able to know just where to sabotage the Genesis engine, and how he was able to figure out their master plan even though they never told him about it. Eggman has Metal Sonic grab Light and drag him towards an open escape hatch. Eggman admits he underestimated Dr. Light, and won't make that mistake again. He has Metal Sonic toss Dr. Light out of their floating fortress.

Rush spots something, and Megaman uses his telescopic vision to zoom in on what it is. He freaks out when he sees it's his father Dr. Light in freefall. Can Megaman and Sonic get to him in time?

My Opinions-

Quite a lot to say. Mostly the huge collection of Robot Masters steal the show here. I like how we even saw the newer ones from Megaman 9 and the rare ones from that Megaman and Bass game that never hit the states officially. We see them gather in groups based on their themes, since along the way there have been several speed based robots, water themed robots, air themes robots and so forth. There's also silly things happening in the background, like Rush chasing Skull Man (get it? bones) and Spark Man accidentally stabbing Bright Man's light bulb, electrocuting both of them. Sonic even steals Ring Man's rings. Classic. And hey, extra kudos for the Motobug, one of Sonic's oldest Badniks from the very first Sonic game. It's just so rare when we see the classic Badniks that he actually faced in the games.

Sadly Rouge Woman kinda got lost in the shuffle. A short solo scene between her and Shadow fighting it out while he tries to snap her out of it woulda been nice. I mean here they kinda acknowledge each other in a panel or two, but Megaman and Sonic turn her back to normal before she could do much of anything besides get lost in panels packed with other Robot Masters.

Eggman shows that he doesn't mess around. He sees that Light is a definite threat to their plans and proceeds to kill him. As he throws him off the hovering fortress, he said it felt familiar. I'm not familiar with the Sonic comics, so I looked it up. This mirrors a scene from before the crossover where Eggman ordered Mecha Sally to toss Sonic out of the Death Egg Mark II in the same manner. Speaking of which, had this crossover not have happened, it seems they were saving the big scene of Mecha Sally being turned back to normal for the 250th issue. It is odd to celebrate a milestone in the middle of a crossover.

The comic also has a few extra pages from the first Genesis Wave saga, where Eggman rewrote history making the world look more like the first 3 Genesis games. This comic shows the final battle between Sonic and Robotnik, as this is one of the rare times he actually looks like the classic Robotnik design we've seen in the 90's cartoons and comics during the 16-bit era. For whatever reason, his original design was probably considered too simple or too cartoony to be the look of the main villain, which is why the comics and cartoons of the time felt the need to redesign him.

Awesome and fun comic though, I've been enjoying this crossover so far. And dude... 250 issues is nothing to sneeze at. I doubt anybody would have predicted to last this long.... especially during the big gap in Sonic games between Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic Adventure. And who would have thought issue 250 would have involved Megaman and company? Stay tuned to see what happens next!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Sonic Universe # 53- Worlds Collide Part 8

By Mark Rodriguez

Megaman, Protoman, Rush, Sonic and Tails have ventured into the Death Egg Zone, a pocket universe with mixed elements of the Sonic and Megaman games created by Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman to rescue Dr. Light. Megaman turned the Roboticized Chaotix back to normal and sent them to find Protoman, who went off on his own. Wily announced he is able to revive ALL the past Robot Masters Megaman has ever faced, and feels confident in his plan since he has Dr. Light out of the way. They also sent Knuckles Man and Rose Woman after Sonic and Megaman, with the authorization to self destruct is necessary....

The issue opens up, oddly enough on the reverse cover page (you know, the page before page 1, basically the other side of the cover that is mostly used for advertisements), as the mad doctors panic over them being down to only 2 Roboticized Masters. They try to convince themselves that the robots were just a stalling tactic and that their plan is still ok since they have all 7 Chaos Emeralds and are powering up the Genesis Reactor as they speak. Secretly both scientists are already predicting that their plan is soon going to fail, but they can at least betray the other and use the Wily Egg to wreak havoc upon their own worlds.

Sonic, Megaman, Tails and Rush wander through what looks like part of the Chemical Plant Zone mixed with any stages related to oil from the Megaman games. They can't find Knuckles and Rose and Sonic wishes they would just ambush them already.

Just then, Amy and Knucles warp on the scene and start attacking. Sonic overhears Amy saying they are authorized to self destruct is need be, and he tells the others that they have to save them before they blow themselves up. Sonic fires off a Psycho Burst, a weapon he received when he defeated and turned Silver back to normal, but Rose Woman blocks it with her mallet-hands.

LMAO Poor Sonic, both his girls, Sally and Amy have been turned into robots
Knuckles Man knocks Megaman down and also blocks Tails' attacks. Megaman uses the Acoustic Blaster he received when he turned Vector back to normal, but Knuckles Man just punches it away. Megaman asks if Wily did anything special to those two, and Tails tells him Knuckles and Rose were always very strong when they were normal. Knuckles Man announces they will self destruct in two minutes. Megaman equips himself with the Fire Tornado.

Rush gets Sonic out of the way as Megaman fries Rose with the Fire Tornado. Rose is out cold and Megaman blasts her back to normal, and gains her weapon, the Piko Hammer. He equips it and charges into Knuckles Man, ready to smash him down.

Megaman's attack is so strong it breaks Knuckles' knuckles. Just then Rush, Tails and Sonic attack him, while Sonic blasts him with the Spin Dash Blast, turning him back to normal. Sonic teases Knuckles, asking him if he was kidnapped by Eggman, or tricked into being Roboticized by him. Sonic is such a punk to his friends... No wonder Knuckles always wants to beat him up.

Rose hugs the hell out of Sonic, crying and apologizing for having attacked him. Sonic gains the Sharp Knuckle weapon from Knuckles. Sonic introduces Knuckles and Amy Rose to Megaman and explain the situation. Protoman contacts Megaman and tells him that he located the hovering fortress which is now floating above Eggman and Wily shaped mountains. They found a teleporter pad and the Chaotix are trying to hack it... which basically uses the colored dot password system from the classic Megaman games. Clever reference.

Protoman will have the Chaotix send a beacon. Sonic sends Tails and Knuckles towards the beacon. He sends Megaman and Rush back to get Silver and Blaze. He then grabs Amy and they'll speed off to find Shadow.

Eggman and Wily argue as they build their super death machine to stop the heroes in case they get too close. Orbot tells the doctors that the last of the Roboticized Masters have been turned back to normal and that someone has sabotaged the Genesis Reactor. He tells them that Bass and Metal Sonic are after them. Eggman calls for a system lockdown and Wily asks Bass for a status report.

Bass and Metal Sonic follow Rouge, and she releases the Chaos Devil, basically a fusion of Chaos from the Sonic Adventure games and the Yellow Devil from the Megaman games. It can't tell friend from foe and captures both Rouge and Metal Sonic. The scientists arrive and Eggman taunts the defeated Rouge, who tells him it became personal for her when he captured Shadow. Bass and Metal Sonic takes Rouge away to be roboticized so she can lead the Robot Masters army against the heroes when they arrive.

Offhand I recognize/remember Snake Man, Tomahawk Man, Hard Man, Quick Man, and hey, Shadow Man is back for more!
Elsewhere, Roll worries about Megaman as she repairs the destroyed lab, and Auto tells her he should be alright. Just then Duo arrives, having received their distress signal from earlier.

My opinions 

The story keeps going forward as the bad guys start to panic. I love how there done this song and dance before so many times they already know that this is the part where the heroes turn everything around and start coming for them. The comic does suffer from 'fake cover advertising' as Sonic and Megaman never actually face the Chaos Devil in this issue and it's only seen for a short scene. 

The story continues to toss clever references. The screen showing all the defeated Roboticized Masters is right out of the Megaman select screen. And using the blue and red orb password system from the 8-bit Megaman games to protect the transport pad was pretty clever. This comic doesn't miss a beat when to comes to this stuff.

Megaman gains a full on arsenal after defeating all of the Roboticized Masters. I wonder how he keeps track of all the weapons he has, or if his Weapon Copy System ever overloads. Seeing that Wily plans to revive all past Robot Masters, does that mean that Megaman still has all of their weapons of when he defeated them the first time? How long does the weapon system last? I wonder how he keeps track of the similar ones... Like do I use the Leaf Shield or the Plant Shield? I know Megaman kinda... Forgets.... His past weapons whenever a new game is out, but it's kinda different in a comic book. Oh well. 

Good issue all around. I'm looking forward to see them fight off the Robot Masters army. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Megaman # 26- World Collide Part 7

By Mark Rodriguez

Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily teamed up and created a pocket universe combining elements from both their worlds. They also captured Sonic's friends and turned them into Roboticized Masters and used them to find the 7 Chaos Emeralds they need to warp reality to their liking. Sonic, Megama, Tails and Protoman jump into their dimension since the scientists have captured Dr. Light. Protoman runs off on his own as Megaman was able to free the Chaotix from being robots, and gained new powers in the process. Now Wily reveals that he is able to summon up all the past Robot Masters to help them fight.

The issue opens with our heroes wandering through the Skull Egg Zone as Megaman and Sonic brag about which one is cooler. After Megaman blasts down one of the robot snakes from Megaman 3, Rush flies in front of Sonic and catches a Shadow Blade. They then dodge an energy blast. The heroes see both the Shadow Man from Megaman 3, and Sonic's friend Shadow, who was roboticized into a robot also named Shadow Man. After some confusion over them both having the same name, the good guys start to fight back.

Mega Shadow Man tosses Shadow Blades that Sonic dodges, but the hedgehog is hit by Sonic Shadow Man's attack that leaves him trapped in a stasis bubble. Megaman uses the Chroma Camo he received when he defeated Espio Man and gets close enough to attack Sonic Shadow Man. Once close enough, Megaman hits him with the Tail Wind attack. Mega Shadow Man continues fighting as Megaman turns Shadow back to normal and gains another weapon. Megaman quickly uses his new Chaos Cannon at Mega Shadow Man which freezes him into stasis.

Shadow gets up, and then violently flies into Shadow Man, busting him to pieces. Everyone is surprised by his sudden action (even though I assumed they would have blasted Shadow Man to bits anyways if Megaman used any other kind of weapon). Sonic asks if Shadow wants to help the Chaotix find Protoman, or stay with them, and he says 'neither' and teleports away. Just then Megaman and Sonic have a brief memory flash of their world before reality was changed. Megaman remembers when Protoman was evil and calling himself Break Man, and Sonic remembers that his friend Sally was roboticized and turned against them.

Megaman is confused and Tails asks Sonic who is 'Mecha-Sally'. Sonic says he faced this before when Eggman rewrote history with the Genesis Wave, a storyline in which Sonic's world was revamped to look like the first 3 Sonic games and anything past that was gone. Tails says since Shadow can warp time and space with Chaos Control, his sudden warping away disrupted the zone they're in, giving them a brief glimpse of their world before reality was altered.

Elsewhere, Eggman and Wily gloat over the capture of Dr. Light. Just then one of Eggman's robots, Orbot, comes in and tells them that both Shadow Men have been defeated. The scientists are angry but are sure they have enough robots left to complete their plans. As they storm off, Rouge suddenly appears in front of Light. She's a spy and decided to get involved when one of her teammates was captured by the mad doctors. Rouge says Light is safer being locked up for the time being, but she stole the schematics for the Wily Egg and shows it to him so he can point out any weak points.

1- I wish my flash drive would pull up holograms
2- How did Rouge escape being turned into Rouge Woman?
Meanwhile Megaman, Tails and Rush are on the top of a hill, and Sonic is trying to work his way up by figuring out the disappearing drops, infamous from the Megaman games. Just then they get attacked by Blaze Woman and Silver Man. Silver Man blasts Rush away, and then shoots at Megaman just as the blue bomber fires off his Spin Dash Blast. Silver is turned back to normal, but Megaman is unable to move, trapped in an energy field from the attack her took. Blaze Woman surrounds herself in fire and walks towards Sonic and Tails. Silver uses his psychic powers to hold her still while Megaman blasts her.

Once back to normal, Silver and Blaze are too worn out to help out the heroes, and need time to rest. Sonic and the others continue their quest to save their friends. Elsewhere the Chaotix found Protoman and are all headed towards Eggman's base together. They were spotted by Rose Woman and Knuckles Man, but the docs give them orders to find and destroy Megaman and Sonic 'no matter what'. Rose Woman says they now have been authorized to self-destruct if they need to....

I assume the threat here is, if they self destruct, they'll die... but if they're robots, can they be repaired and rebuilt before being turned back to normal?
My Opinions

The comic was cool and some good moments. They really had fun with the two Shadow Men gag and used it whenever they could.

I also liked the bit with the disappearing blocks from the Megaman games. While the Sonic games also have disappearing blocks, I remember the ones in Sonic disappear in a straight line, mostly to cross a big chasm. Megaman's blocks have random patterns, sometimes requiring you to backtrack, and yes, sometimes you have to figure them out to climb up a high distance. I like when they fell and there's an extra frame of Tails landing face first into a block that just appeared at that moment. I can imagine a loud THOK!! sound if this was a cartoon.

I'm a bit confused as to why everyone was in shock when Shadow smashed Shadow Man to pieces. I guess it's to showcase 'omg Shadow is bad ass and isn't afraid to kill' but dude, he's a robot. I mean, Sonic and Tails bust up robots all the time, and I'm sure Megaman had to blow up some Robot Masters here and there. 

Rouge is in the story now. I honestly forgot about her. I wonder where she was that she avoided capture and wasn't turned into Rouge Woman. 

As for Silver and Blaze, I call BS on them being too tired to help out after being turned back to normal. Tails and the Chaotix might have been kinda out of it at first, but they were just fine to continue their adventure. I guess they didn't want too many heroes to keep track of, but they sure could come in handy. 

Then we have the cliffhanger. Rose and Knuckles, as robots, sent to stop Megaman and Sonic at all costs.... Even if they have to self destruct to do it. Of course if they blow up they'll never be able to return to normal again. It's a really grisly fate that Eggman set up for them when you think about it. They'd be completely unaware that they'd be killing themselves at the service of their worst enemy. 

A great issue overall. The story continues. Stay tuned to see what happens next. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Sonic the Hedgehog # 249- Worlds Collide Part 6

By Mark Rodriguez

Sonic, Megaman, Tails and Protoman entered the Skull Egg Zone, a pocket dimension that's a bizzare mixture of the Sonic and Megaman games, run by the evil scientists. They now have to face Roboticized versions of Sonic's friends, Rose, Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Charmy, Espio, Blaze and Shadow, in an attempt to stop Wily and Eggman, and rescue Dr. Light. Let's see what happens.

I feel bad for Tails. MegaMan must weigh a ton
The issue opens with everyone fighting as the scientists gloat and tease them. Wily and Eggman continue to banter and pat each other on the back, which is making Sonic sick. Megaman wants to know what is going on, and they explained that creating the Roboticized Masters out of the combined technology from their worlds allowed them to travel between worlds to collect all the Chaos Emeralds. Now they will destroy them, and whoever lives the longest gives their world bragging rights.

Protoman has no interest in this 'tournament' and says this will only wear the team down. He leaves to find Dr. Light. Eggman sends 5 of his robots after him, not wanting to take any chances. Tails asks how he was returned to normal when he was Roboticized. Megaman says it was a combination of his charged shot and Sonic's spindash that immobilized him long enough for him to copy his weapon data that changed him back. Sonic tells Tails to work on Megaman's arm cannon so it can fire off a Spin Dash Blast with his help, and he'll keep the bad guys busy while they do it.

Wily says they should leave so they can tend to Protoman. Sonic fights off the robots, as Tails finishes working on Megaman's arm cannon. Megaman gets his arm upgraded and fires off a Spin Dash Blast at Vectorman before he can finish Sonic off. Vector is turned back to normal and drops a glowing energy orb. Sonic tosses it to Megaman, and he now gains the Acoustic Blaster attack.

Megaman fires off an Acoustic Blast that smacks Charmy Man down. Megaman explains it must have been his weakness, since Wily gives his Robot Masters weakness to certain weapons. With Charmy down, Megaman blasts him back to normal and gains his ability, Rapid Stinger. The last one remaining is Espio Man who is a ninja. Sonic manages to grab him before he could land a sneak attack on Megaman. Megaman also blasts him back to normal and gains his weapon, the Chroma Camo.

Sonic is surprised that Megaman is so willing to help rescue his friends, and Tails says he's heroic, but without the hedgehog's ego. The Chaotix offer Megaman a free case, and he tells them they go find Protoman. The others can track down the rest of the robots and keep them off their backs. The scientists are spying on the heroes and Eggman is concerned that they're down to 5 of their robots and also lost sight of Protoman. Wily isn't worried since he can now bring back ALL his past Robot Masters to help out. Eggman says he'll send Shadow Man after their main problem. Wily asks which one since he has his own Robot Master named Shadow Man... and they decide to send them both.

Eggman is worried but Wily reminds them of the current situation, they have countless robots to fight for them and they have all 7 Chaos Emeralds already charging up the final stage of their plan. The heroes are already too late. Eggman says they should create a super powerful vehicle of mass destruction just in case and wonders why Wily is so relaxed now. Wily says Megaman has always had the help of Dr. Light in time of need... and now they have him locked up in their brig.

My Opinions-

Not much to say here except it's another fun issue that furthers the story. The fighting is fun and the art is great. It's awesome seeing Megaman use all of these cool 'Sonic characters' based weapons, though I assume after the crossover ends he'll never use them again.

This crossover does not skimp out on the action
I liked the scene where Sonic is impressed by how completely selfless Megaman is. I guess by comparison, Megaman is the Superman while Sonic is kinda/sorta the Batman. While not as dark, obviously, Sonic is just as righteous as Megaman... he just always wants to make sure he's looking awesome as he's saving the day. Kinda like his old rival back in the 90's, both Mario and Sonic were heroes that saved the world, but Sonic was cooler and had that '90's attitude' that made the plumber hero seem much more wholesome in comparison.

Sonic be jelly
Of course we have more comparisons between worlds. The part that stood out to me was when Megaman asked what the Chaos Emeralds were. Sonic asked him what's the most powerful energy source where they come from, and multiply that by a billion. How would he know that? For all he knew the Energy Elements Megaman named could have been much more powerful. But then again.... the scientists aren't exactly going after those and using them to warp reality.

I'm glad the comic didn't miss a beat with Shadow Man, the Roboticized version of Shadow... and the Shadow Man that Wily already has from Megaman 3. They're actually gonna send both of them out together. Epic. And on top of that.... they're gonna send out every Robot Master ever? Sweet! Stay tuned to see what happens next issue!

Sonic the Hedgehog # 251- Worlds Collide Part 12

By Mark Rodriguez Wily and Eggman joined forces to create their own pocket dimension and use the Chaos Emeralds to reshape both worlds to ...